True Story

{January 29, 2010}   Ricky & Louie

True Story: G Monkey loves his two best friends: Right Hand & Left Hand.

He talks to them all day long. He holds his hands really stiffly with fingers together and they become some sort of characters. He greets them as soon as he wakes up in the morning.

Don’t worry. He’s all there. Really smart actually. He’s almost reading at 2 1/2 (mom bragging moment allowed).

The hand characters are actually very funny. I keep thinking I need to get it on video before he stops it one day. You can’t make this shit up and you never know when these things will go away.

My mom had two imaginary friends when she was a child, Gibber & Gobber. She set their place at the table every night and screamed if someone almost sat on them.

One day out of the blue she came in the house and didn’t talk about her “friends” anymore. Her mom noticed and asked, “Where are Gibber & Gobber”?

My Mom: They’re dead.

Her Mom: Oh, yeah?

My Mom: Yep. Got hit by a truck out front.

So I say if Ricky & Louie are G Monkey’s best friends, so be it. Life is short. Just ask Gibber & Gobber.

I just hope GM ventures out a little when he’s a teenager.

B says:

I feel ya Gray…Nunny is real!

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