True Story

{February 8, 2010}   Host with the Most

True Story:  You can catch ticks y’all.

When I was in the 10th grade we had this black lab. She had been hanging around our house for the last 5 years and I hadn’t paid her any attention. One day out of the blue I decide she is “My Dog”, and “My Dog” sleeps with me. I thought it was cool to have a dog that loved only me. Starved for love I was. Turned out ol’ Slick loved that her ticks jumped off of her and on to me.

I’m in class at school, a science class I think it was. We were taking a test and I was bent down over my test writing, zoned out on Ritalin probably. If you haven’ t guessed by now I have ADD and was one of the first kids of my time on speed.

 Anywho, I didn’t realize that the guy behind me had raised his hand and informed the teacher that I had something on my head. I mentioned before that I have really crappy, thin hair, right? Not too hard for him to see my scalp from that proximity.

I finally hear my name and jerk up.

Me:  Huh?

Guy behind me:  You have something on your head. I think it’s a tick.

The teacher calls me up to her desk. I been down for her.

Teacher:  Yep. It’s a tick. Go to the nurse’s office.

Can you say embarrassment? On my fast walk to the nurse’s office I think of ways to make all the kids discuss something other than my tick for the rest of the day, like maybe pull the fire alarm, or streak naked through the halls during class change. Anything would be better than them calling me tick all day.

I am determined to make Slick (an outside lake living dog) “My Dog”. So of course I let her sleep with me again that night.

Next day in the same class. This time I am slumped back in my desk, not listening, with my head back. The same guy who sits behind me raises his hand and interrupts the teacher’s lecture.

Teacher:  Yes?

Guy behind me:  Ashley has another tick.

This time I just get up and walk out of the room to the nurses office.

True Story:  I was called Tick 2, Tick Squared and the Host with the Most for some time. That bastard behind me is a doctor today, and I kicked that damn dog to the curb.

paige says:

Annz- HOW could you forget?? In fact, I was just re-telling this story to someone the other night… T2.. hahaha Poor Slick. She was a good dog.

annsley says:

straight up awesomeness! forgot about that, seriously funny.

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