True Story

{February 12, 2010}   The Cat and The Goldfish

True Story:  Andy Andrews taught Pump and I that we are a cat and a goldfish.

Shout out to Andy Andrews! If you don’t know who he is, you should. Google him. 

See, people like to be loved in different ways.

I am a goldfish. You don’t have to pet me or love on me, or even spend a lot of time with me. Just feed me and clean my bowl. I show love with deeds and services and I feel love returned in the same way.

Pump, on the other hand, is a Cat. I don’t have to feed him or pay attention to him. I can leave him home alone for weeks with a big bowl of food and water and the toilet seat up. I just have to love on him and let him rub up against me WHENEVER he wants.

You can see how this has been a problem in the past. Apparently, I am cold as ice.

I once her a comedian put it like this, “I told you I loved you nine years ago. I’ll let you know if anything changes”. This is my attitude.

Pump is of the opposite school of thought. If I haven’t told him I love him in the last hour, he starts to question everything in our world.

Once the Vampire (more on her later) entered our marriage, we were forced to look at these differences in our needs very closely. We now, no pun intended, live in a fish bowl for all to examine our relationship, as most family and friends know about the Vampire.

Currently, I try to be more affectionate and cat like. Literally, I will pass by Pump while in my busy little world, stop and say to myself, “I should rub his arm for a minute or kiss his cheek”.

True Story:  Over-heard conversation last night with Pump on the phone with his Mom.

Pump:  Mom, I got to let you go…. Because… I have to clean the bathroom…. Because…. It’s how I show Ashley that I love her.

Me with a big grin:  Thanks Mr. Andrews. My bathroom was spotless this morning. My heart swells.


*Cat & Goldfish references are from The Noticer, by Andy Andrews

EL says:

That is sweet. Sad but true the things that are important to us!

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