True Story

{February 13, 2010}   Ageing

True Story:  I’m not getting any younger.

I told Pump I thought I wasn’t doing too bad for my age. I’ve seen a lot worse. My crows feet are barely distinguishable.

Pump:  What about this area right here. 

He points to the drooping darkened areas below my eyes.

True Story:  Pump has always been quite honest with me.

Towards the end of my pregnancy with G Monkey I was trying on outfits for dinner out. I thought I was ready to go and was examining my profile in the full length mirror.

Me:  Do I have back fat in this shirt?

Pump:  Well, Ash, you always have a little back fat.

paige says:

So wrong. But hilarious. Jroc actually calls me “muffintop” which I do not find funny at all. There is not an exercise in the world that gets rid of ‘muffintops’- i’ve researched the crap out of it- apparently my only hope is to stop eating all together and wait until I starve it off- and that ain’t happenin’.

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