True Story

{February 19, 2010}   Pills & Alcohol

True Story:  You never know what life lessons will stay with you forever.

When I was a teenager I liked to have a good time. I’m not condoning it, just admitting it.  I think I turned out alright. I’m going to go with the big picture school of thought here, and say I am more than the sum of my parts.

Anywho, My best bud and I in high school would occasionally have hangovers. Now back then of course, they would be gone by mid morning. Nothing like the horrible beasts that attack your brain on Saturday mornings as an adult.

Well, her father was a doctor and we discovered where he kept sample meds at home. We figured out that if we took one of these, I think they were called Darvocets, on Saturday morning, we didn’t have a hangover any more.

A few months later we were down at the beach one weekend, riding in the car with my Aunt. Everyone was hungover, adults included. My Dad had married his 3rd wife the night before and we were piled in the car headed out for some grease. My friend and I mentioned to my aunt that we wish we had one of those “samples” to cure our hangover.

My Aunt:  I had a friend that took a pill and drank once…. Still drags a leg….

To this day, my friend and I are scared to take a Tylenol when we have a hangover.

paige says:

THIS IS TRUE! SO TRUE. I tried to retell this to someone recently about how NOT to mix pills and booze and they were not nearly as impressed with this story. I’m pretty sure we can thank M for the fact that neither of us drags a leg today.

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