True Story

{February 21, 2010}   Pill Exchange

True Story:  I think us girls should have a pill swapping party.

Now don’t go all crazy. I don’t think we should all sit around and get high on the dope.

My Dear Departed Meme:  Honey, don’t talk to him. He’s taking the marywanna.

I’ve come to realize lately that you may have a need, or mood, or be suffering from something you don’t usually suffer from. You don’t need a full prescription (and that damn doctor won’t give it to you no matter how many times you ask), you just need it that one day.

If we had a pill exchange, similar to a recipe exchange, then we would all have what we needed when we needed it.

Am I genius? I ‘m going to start having these parties and find some way to make money from it like the Tupperware, skin care, jewelry, sex toy party ladies do.

True Story:  I’ve been to more of these parties than I care to admit. I’m a sucker. Give me some wine & cheese and I walk out with sacks full of shit. My closet is full of crazy kinky apparatuses we can’t figure out how to use.

Pump:  Can we use this thing tonight? Please!

Me: I’m not putting that thing on. Fat will squish out everywhere.

Pump:  Why did you buy it?

Me:  Hell if I know. I think it was on sale.

Who’s on board?

EL says:

I’ll host it!

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