True Story

{February 21, 2010}   Stud Muffin

True Story:  My son is a Lay…dees Man.

In his class of 7 at preschool he has 2 girlfriends.

1 friend he “hugs” all the time. The teacher actually asked me to see what I could do about all the hugging.

The second one he sleeps with. Actually sleeps, as in nap time, people. Geez, he’s only 2. They cuddle in the corner of the room together and if one of them is absent or home sick, the other one refuses their nap that day. The teach tried to mix it up and move the kids around, but G Monkey and his girl would have none of it.

True Story:  He is the only one in his class not potty trained.

I don’t want to hear it. As soon as the weather gets warm we’re going diaper-less until we can make it to the potty. I’m not a hypocrite. I’m not going to wear mine either.

So his teacher asks me if we are working on potty training at home. “Sure”, I say.

Teacher:  Well, I try to get him to go potty here at school but he just wants to watch the girls pee and flush for them.

Me:  Well, he is his father’s son.

Alonnna says:

This is when he was 2? Gosh mine was 3! And would only go when bribed with REAL things! Put me in “that” category!

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