True Story

{February 22, 2010}   My First Born

True Story:  When that human baby comes along you kick that dog to the curb.

Don’t get me wrong, Abby Singer is my first-born and I still love her. But where I used to fret over her every move and need, I will now leave her home alone for 2 days and not think twice about it.

True Story:  We left Abby Singer in a parking lot.

One of the first outings out with G Monkey after he was born, we stopped at a restaurant for a late lunch. Excited about putting him in the high-chair all flipped over like you had seen people do for years, we were enjoying our little family date. We go to get back in the car and apparently Abby Singer jumps out while we were strapping the car seat in (a feat that used to take hours to perfect, I now let G Monkey strap himself in).

We go on our merry way. About 45 minutes after we get to our destination, I look at Pump.

Me:  Where’s Abby Singer?

Pump:  I don’t know.

We go back to the restaurant to not only find her in the parking lot, but in our exact parking spot looking left and right for our car.

The point I’m getting at is this: You don’t have to like the way game is played, you just have to understand the rules.

Abby Singer has never “gotten on board” with G Monkey being around, but she gets that he is important to us. And when she feels threatened, she goes to be near him. She figures, if the house is being blown away we WILL grab the kid, and we just might see her and tell her to hop on  in the getaway car with us.

Example: Abby Singer will take on this biggest baddest dog there is. Her little scrappy 13 lbs (15lbs in the winter) will go straight for the jugular; but if a thunderstorm is raging, she is under G monkey’s bed or curled right up beside him, as I found her this early, storming morning.

True Story:  She’s no dummy.

Blair says:

Apparently Ceci is not as dumb as we thought. We discovered (thanks to the neighbor) that she has been wondering around in the woods for a month or so. The battery in her collar died and we didn’t know it. She waited until we left and went on adventures. Then she would come home in time to greet us…once I got inside with the kids…she was off again. She is BUSTED now. Batteries changed – I feel bad for her. Kind of wish I never discovered – she was having such a blast!

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