True Story

{February 27, 2010}   Things people have really said to me

True Story:  You can’t make it up. Truth really is stranger than fiction.

Middle-aged man in bar:  You want to go out to my car with me?

Me:  No

Middle-aged man in bar:  I’m rich as shit.


I’m bartending in a bar in Big Sky Ski Resort. A very well-dressed, middle-aged couple come in. She’s wearing a full length fur. Bar just opened and is empty waiting for all the apres skiers and boarders to come off the mountain. I put a beverage napkin in front of them.

Me:  What can I get for you?

Man:  I detect an accent. Where are you from?

Me:  Alabama.

Lady:  Oh… So you don’t like black people?

Me:  Speechless


I went to a school reunion. I am a realtor so I passed out cards. Sure, always looking for business, but really just a way to keep in touch because it has my phone # and email address on it. I handed it to one young woman who I was pretty good friends with. This group was inviting me to join their supper club.

Old friend/classmate:   You know, I’m really busy. I’m probably not going to call you.

She hands me my card back. Wouldn’t most of you just throw it away???

Blair says:

NO WAY!? I cannot believe that. I would have kept it even if I were not going to call the person. Of course I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. So I would still have that damn card and wouldn’t even remember who the person was, just that I didn’t want to hurt anyone by throwing it away. I need help or at least need to be on an episode of hoarders!

Dusty says:

Um, I remember you going to his truck.

I thought this blog was called ” true stories”

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