True Story

{March 9, 2010}   Cyber-world

True Story:  I am not very technologically or cyber-world literate.

I did not know what a blog was FOREVER. And just recently, thanks to Mr. Cameron, realized there really is such a thing as an avatar. (Don’t tell anyone. I haven’t seen the movie yet). I did see all other 400 nominated films for 2009. Just haven’t been able to commit to avatar yet. But thanks to the old trusty pooter here, have been able to google/Wikipedia it.

So, I am still figuring all this business out. But did discover something wonderfully hilarious today. Researching my pings and hits and search engine words, I realized that someone found my blog by searching “first time to have sex with mother in law”.

Let me repeat myself:  In the last few days some nervous young man, or young lady, no judging here,  had sex with their mother-in-law, freaked out, and typed into his/her keyboard, “first time to have sex with mother in law”, in search of cyber advise. 

If nothing ever comes of this blog but for the fact that I discovered this information, I can die happy.

Hahahahahaha! That is hysterical. I realize there is a traumatic family situation brewing out there, and I am sorry for that, but when I retold the story here of my MIL asking me the first time I met her if her son tried to have sex with me, I never knew I would attract THIS kind of attention.

Oh, what a cyber-world we live in.

True Story:  I have no idea what any of this means:  ( ) 🙂 😦 (**) <> <:) )&(*

ashleygm says:

hahahahaa! Let’s hope it wasn’t Pump searching for advice after this last weekend and the missing bra.

Blair says:

It means exactly that. Someone looked at your blog for advice on how to deal with sleeping with their MIL. They should just wear some revealing clothes and take them a plant.

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