True Story

{March 17, 2010}   My music

True Story:  My goal in my 30s was to learn to play guitar and speak Spanish.

Well, I’ll be 35 in October, 10/10/10 by the way. How cool is that? And I haven’t gotten started yet. Pump did buy me some Spanish tapes and Guitar tapes. Tapes people! Real analog tapes. What machine am I going to put them in? They don’t make them anymore.

He also gave me a picture of guitar lessons he was going to give me for our anniversary one year.

True Story:  Pump and I give each other pictures of things for gifts when we don’t have the $$ to buy them.

I gave him a picture of an X Box one year for Christmas. 2 years later he finally got it, from my Mom. A year after that they were obsolete. This year I gave him a picture of a cruise ship for Christmas. We’ll see…

So I’ve always wanted to be able to play an instrument. And I secretly think I have talent as a harp player, mouth harp, that is.

This is a constant source of entertainment for friends & family, with me as the butt of the jokes, of course.

True Story:  If we are all hanging around a campfire or my back deck, late in the evening, listening to music and partaking in adult beverages, I like to slide out my harp when no one’s looking… and rock it!

Alyson says:

Ok next time I come over you MUST play the harp for me!

Blair says:

You forgot to mention that you also lip sync with the music! SCARY – HA

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