True Story

{March 30, 2010}   Angel is the Centerfold

True Story:  My aunt used to say about me when I was a wee bit younger, “Ashley’s going to be a dancer. We just don’t know what kind”.

In the 10th grade I was seeing a fella. I went to his house one afternoon. His Mom went to get him out of his room or wake him up… I guess he wasn’t expecting my visit or he was off doing teenage boy things.

Anywho, they had their radio on and the J.Geils Band’s, “Angel is a Centerfold” came on. What would you have done?

I started dancing. It’s a GOOD song.

Enter:  Boy and his Mother.

Me:  Standing on one of their den chairs… Rocking out!!!

Guess what???   They joined me for the rest of the song. 

True Story:  I’m glad I had a son. Like Chris Rock says, if I had a daughter, I would have to work hard to keep her off the pole.

Blair says:

Why didn’t I know this story? Hilarious!

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