True Story

{April 11, 2010}   Whine (Wine)!

True Story:  I never knew my son knew what a beer was.

When you have a child that talked a little later in developement, you forget what sponges they are. He picks up my beer the other day and says, “Mommy’s beer”.

Me:  That’s right. That’s Mommy’s beer.

I’m thinking I never told him what a beer was….

Oh yeah. I guess he must have heard it a thousand times.

Me:  Pump, would you grab me a beer.

Me:  Hey Pump, how bout a beer?

Me:  Pump, you want a beer?

Me:  Pump, Momma’s thirsty.

Pump:  Is it beer thirty?

Pump:  Want to crush a couple beers?

Pump:  I’m thinking about sizzlin a few beers.

Makes since now.

So the other evening we are attending an art show, Myself, Pump, & G Monkey.

They have complimentary wine and snacks. Pump and I are both enjoying a cup of white wine. G Monkey is running around eating chips and what not. He see’s my cup and stops suddenly.

G Monkey:  WINE!!!!

Me:  Shh. Yes, baby, that’s Mommy’s wine.

G Monkey:  WINE!!!

Me:  Wine is for Mommy’s & Daddy’s and grown people. You want some water?

G Monkey:  I want wine!

Me:  You can’t have wine. You can have water.

He reaches for my cup.

G Monkey:  Mines wine!

At this point it is starting to get loud. People are trying to have intellectual, artful conversations, probably wondering why a 2-year-old is there in the 1st place, and why he knows what wine is. I am starting to feel the eyes of “how is she going to handle this” on me.

What would you do?

I chose to take his cup of water & add a splash of the lovely green tea they were serving, hand it to my kid and say, “Here you go. Wine”.

He danced off doing the hot diggity dog dance.

True Story:  We don’t get handbooks… Oh wait, I think there are some parenting handbooks lying around here somewhere???

Blair says:

We wonder how they know these words…have we gone a night with out WINE or BEER? The other day George said “Georgie can’t have wine?” Hope he remembers that…

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