True Story

{April 17, 2010}   Labeling & Reminding

True Story:  I am a great Reminder. Just ask my husband.

I will leave the vacuum in the middle of a room for a week to remind me to vacuum that particular room.

I will tell Pump twice, email, text and phone call for good measure to remind him to do something. If he would get back on Facebook I would write it on his wall so all his “friends” could remind him too.

I’m a good labeler as well. I will scribble a  note “Dirty” on the counter above the dishwasher so I don’t drink out of a crusty cup. I can’t remember if the dishes are clean or dirty due to mass quantities of wine, lack of sleep, brain overload, from “hold me pweese Mommy”, Facebook, real estate calls, emails, texts, blogs, “Can we have sex”, and other daily disturbances.

I HAVE to label medicine, especially generic prescription creams & ointments, or I might, in the middle of the night, put the Retin A on the wrong part. And that sounds like a BIG mistake.

True Side Note: My Dermatologist has 5 kids and baby soft skin. He told me I could buy Retin A over-the-counter in Mexico for $20. Girls trip???

I am looking for different revenue streams if anyone needs me to be a human daily reminder. Just comment your husband’s cell phone number below. $20 a pop. Think of the tubes of Retin A I could buy.

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