True Story

{June 13, 2010}   He’s an “Only”

True Story:  For several reasons G Monkey will be an only child.

Now, I may take in a stray down the road, and love them as my own. But there will be no more babies up in this muth.

I didn’t realize being an only child was a disability or truly a “label” until the MIL said the other day, “Well… he’s an Only… So, you know… gonna be rough”.

Me:  What?!?! 

Me Thinking:  WTF is she talking about? That child has more love, more grandparents, cousins and friends than he can stand. He actually chooses to be alone sometimes and play.

The good news is his parents are no hermits. We’ll probably let him out to shake some of that “only” off of him every once in a while.

Myself, having a large family, have wondered from time to time if he would prefer a sibling. I have asked grown “Onlies” how they fared. Most seemed to have turned out alright. So I don’t think I will get him a therapist just yet.

True Story:  He’s going to be just fine. And here’s an example of why:

Sometime over the last year our portable video player decided he couldn’t play Elmo, Curious George, Big Bird, Barney, or Thomas one more time, and flung himself onto Interstate 65 while I was going 70 (80) miles an hour. Take note that the video player is a ” he”. I think “he’s” bail out a lot quicker than “she’s”. If it had been a female video player, she would probably have hung in there a little while longer.

True Story:  I have considered jumping off of something myself after hearing Thomas the Tank Engine tell me he’s cross for the gazillionth time.

So, I was concerned on our last road trip together how G Monkey would be entertained for 4.5 hours.

Well… That turned out to be a moot point. “Only” read his flash cards the WHOLE time, minus a 1 hour conversation that he had with a french fry.

The only time he got upset was when I stopped to stretch his legs ( he was too busy studying) and when he would drop a flash card:


Me:  What is it?

G Monkey:  Oh No. I dwopped a  caa- awd… I can’t weach it.

At which point I would proceed to run us off the road while trying to reach a site-word flash card whilst driving 70 (80) miles an hour.

True Story:  He has lots of imaginary friends. Does that count?

Blair says:

Imaginary friends totally count…nunny has been my best friend for 30 years. HA. Who were mom’s imaginary friends?

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