True Story

{June 23, 2010}   Dat Hurt!

True Story: When G Monkey is emotionally hurt he will say that one of his body parts hurts.


Me:  What do you want for breakfast?

G Monkey:  Cake!

Me:  You can’t have cake for breakfast.

G Monkey:  OH! Dat hurts da tummy.


G Monkey:  Go outside and pway.

Me:  We can’t baby. It’s raining.

G Monkey:  Oh! Dat hurt da head!


True Story:  The other morning G Monkey and I were in bed and I had a glass of water and he had a juice box. He drank the last sip of my water and said, “more wadder pweese”.

Me: No baby, you’ve got a juice box there. Drink that.

G Monkey:  Oh! Dat hurt da penis.

Me. That did not hurt your penis because I don’t want to get up and get you more water right now.


Dusty says:

That was really funny.

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