True Story

{August 4, 2010}   Good Lawd!

True Story:  Sorry for not posting much lately. I’ve been busier than a rooster in a hen-house.

I mean! Where does a woman find time to drink and write???

The last 2 weeks:  Company (young-uns all up in my house). Had to pull a Hazmat crew off the oil spill clean up to scrape the pop tarts off the floor.

Showing property everyday. Not complaining but it’s a little hard when G Monkey is out of school. As many of you may know, there are know weekends in real estate (especially in a resort town) so Pump and I are handing him back and forth pending our schedules.

True Story:  One awesome thing is that the director of his school, which starts back in 2 weeks, told me he has to be potty trained to come back.

Awesome! So among all this business I am cleaning poop and pee off the floors all hours of the day. G Monkey tells me he’s afraid to go on the potty because a bear might get him. I told him I would be more worried about crabs, but he didn’t get it. Isn’t this child reading???

Mommy bloggers of the world:  TIPS? Don’t tell me to throw away the diapers. Already did, hence the poop and pee on the floor. I got 2 weeks. Give me your best guru stuff!

Looks like British Pollution might pay up. If they do I’ll be blogging from the Caribbean next week… Naaaaa. I owe more than BP’s got left.

True Story:  More nonsense to follow. Let me catch my breath. Geez…

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