True Story

{August 6, 2010}   Young-uns

True Story:  I’m lucky to be alive.

I just hosted my Seester from another Meester and my niece and nephew for 8 days.  Sounds like fun, right?

Well, it was FUN, but man these chiren are a lot of work. We had 3 chiren 3 and under, 2 ill-equipped Mamas, and one late-game Grandmother. Whew!

For the record:  Chiren can tear down a house faster and more efficiently than any throw down honky-tonk thump you could ever think about throwing. They make picking up beer bottles in the morning seem like a joy.

Here’s what I have learned from this last week.

1:  Moms don’t get a REAL vacation until your children are at least 25. 

2: You only unload the dishwasher to refill it with the piled up sippy cups with crusted milk in them.

3:  There is seriously NO point in cleaning until they are gone. In fact, my nephew requested that I not clean in a room he was playing in.

 4:  Restaurants:  Out of the question!

5:  No one will ever believe what we witnessed these 3 cousins doing or what we experienced. Neither of us had a working camera, camera phone, or video camera the whole time.

True Story:  Can’t wait to do it again… when they’re about 16.

Blair says:

You can say that again! I am still trying to recover… Glad one of mine stepped up to the plate to become the “activities director”…

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