True Story

{October 14, 2010}   D Day and Baby Steps

True Story:  I signed my divorce papers October 6.

Not final, but none the less, a moment to remember? Forget?

Anyone who has done that knows it is a very bittersweet moment, filled with mixed emotions, and forces you to step into reality.

True Story:  It wasn’t the plan… But it will be okay.

New Nicknames:  Dee Vors Say… Solo Rider… Puma? (Pre-Cougar). It better be Puma. If I’m a Cougar already I’ll jump off the Ono Island Bridge. (About 20 feet for you non-locals).

So, for the roughly 6 months that I have been officially separated from Ex-Pump, I have had zero desire WHAT SO EVER, for the opposite sex. Could care a less about them. Don’t even see them.

A friend offered that I should switch teams… PA- Leeze, I get on my own nerves so bad, ain’t no way I’d date another woman… She’d be calling me all the time… Bitchen.. No Ma’am!

True Story:  I find myself taking baby steps.

The other day I dropped G Monkey off at preschool and “Hot Dad” held the door open for me. That’s right. I said it, Hot Dad.

I just noticed him for the first time… HOT.

I am sure he has a lovely wife… Never the less, I swaggered a bit in my skinny jeans, knowing he was walking behind me.

True Story:  I’m sailing! I’m a sailor! I sail! (What About Bob)

Alyson says:

Dr Leo Marvin!!! I love that movie!I signed mine in April, and yes this was my second set of divorce papers but it has been the hardest. Im not going to see if the 3rd set is easier, I will just continue to look at the Hot Dads.

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