True Story

{November 2, 2010}   Me and My friend, My GYN

True Story:  We go way back.

For some reason my male GYN is the only doctor that operates on me. Not sure why all my “problems” are in his jurisdiction. All I know is he and I have no secrets anymore and here’s why…

Yesterday, he had to have 2 nurses hold my, for lack of a better word, butt cheeks apart, while he cut and stitched. (No worries, just some benign something or other to be removed.)

True Story:  The “non” surgical nurse had to leave the room twice due to feeling faint.

I tried not to take it personally, but it was hard not to as I was face down and ass up.

I might have cared more if this man hadn’t already performed many pap smears, breast exams, and other investigations on me, as well as, cut my baby out of me. 

I did still care enough to go ahead and take the pain medicine before hand, not so much to block pain, but to soften embarrassment.

You see I opted for a cheaper, in-office version of this surgery, since the hospital wanted to charge me $14,000 to cut a piece of skin off.  

Health care reform??? What health care reform? We’re fine. That seems like a perfectly logical price for skin removal to me.

True Story:  If  I don’t post too much this week, please forgive… I have ass stitches.

Alyson says:

Can I cll you Ass Stitches now?

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