True Story

{November 7, 2010}   Single Life

True Story:  It’s like learning to walk again.

Lessons so far:

1) You can’t cook like you used to. If you try to your freezer will be crammed full of spaghetti sauce, chili, taco meat… Wow, I need to eat better.

2) You lose weight. Who’s going to make a big fat dinner for themselves? A handful of turkey pepperoni ought to do it.

3) You do everything yourself:  Take out the garbage, pay the bills, clean the house, put washer fluid in your car, attempt to drain the pool, check the pot plants… Wait a minute… I did all that before.

4) You can watch WHATEVER you want to on TV. You don’t have to constantly listen to Sportscenter or sporting event commentating in the back ground all day/night.

5) The bathroom is available and doesn’t require a gas mask.

6) You re-discover heels, and think twice about not brushing your hair and putting on make-up for that quick errand, which turned into stopping by the office, several more errands, then drinks with friends, all the while apologizing to everyone you see that you look the way you do.

Mom, close your eyes.

True Story:  I have really done that.

6) Put the thermostat where you want it, always have hot water, spread out all over the bed… The list goes on and on.

This is starting to sound pretty good, right?

Well, before you head to your attorney’s office, let me say… All of this can be accomplished as well, with one good weekend home alone. No need to go breaking up the family now.

I don’t think I need to mention the downfalls  of the newly single life. I mean we’ve all been single before right?

True Story:  Some of you hotties may have to think back to the 6th grade before you got your first boyfriend.

Alyson says:

Ahh all so true! Cheers to the single life and having humor to make it go down easier-that and cocktails.

SJ says:

I have been reading your blog for about four months, in the midst of my own marital problems. Two months ago, my husband decided he wants a divorce. It has been really bad and difficult, to say the least. I wanted to let you know what a great lift your blog and sense of humor give me. Thanks for putting yourself out there like this.

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