True Story

{January 13, 2011}   The Next Man

True Story:  I don’t want a boyfriend for like a year or two…

I’m not ready.

True Side Story:  I have an old dear friend, N, that used to make “boyfriend lists”.

She would make a list of the qualities she wanted the next boyfriend to have after a break up.

All I remember is that her lists used to  include “non-smoker”. Of course she has never had a drag, but each boyfriend, even the ones after the list, were smokers.

I intend to stick to my list!

The Next Man:

1) Will love ALL of me.

Even the parts that aren’t sexy, or when I am not in my “element”.

This includes a once every 10 years bought with smoking…

Sometimes controlling…


I have a headache…

Whoops, drank too much…

I don’t care what time/day it is, I have to show property…

C-section scar…


Talk too much and too loudly…

Big/Crazy Family…

Shall I go on?

2) Will love my son.


3) Will have a job and a car.

True Side Story: I have had 1 long-term boyfriend and 1 husband, and neither had a job or a car when I met them. (Apparently, I like fixer uppers).

4) Will be fun and funny. (Given).

5) Will be kind to others… Likes long walks on the beach… Candle lit dinners… Naaa… Just kidding.

6)  That’s it! Is that so  much to ask?

True Story:  The thought of dating terrifies me……………………………….

Mom says:

Good thinking. You need time.

Blair says:

Don’t settle for less!!!

Natalie says:

I think dating sucks so much…and even more so when you have a child. However, when you meet the awesome, sarcastic man that has a job and a car and loves your son as much as you,it is the best feeling in the world. I met mine when my son was one. Anderson turns three next month and he and Anderson are IN LOVE with one another (and I am with both of them). Good luck with future dating- and with Sundance. How freaking exciting!!!!

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