True Story

{February 18, 2011}   You Can’t Make it Up

True Story:  I write non-fiction, autobiographical stories because Truth is most definitely stranger than fiction.

Example:  If I were to make up a story about a crazy football fan that poisoned 150 year old trees on a college campus because he hated trees so much? Schools? Football players? I don’t know. I haven’t decided that part of the story yet.

You wouldn’t believe me. You would say, “That’s stupid. No one would do that. It doesn’t even make any sense”.

True Story:  Last night I went to hear an amazing blues singer with a voice like butter that plays a mad mouth harp. In the last couple of months he had part of one leg amputated, and the bar manager had checked him out of Rehab for the night to play for us. She had to have him back by midnight.

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