True Story

{July 14, 2011}   Online Dating part Deux

True Story:  Really?

New observations:

1)  All men online are looking for their soul mate, princess, or someone to treat like a queen.

Really? Puke. Are they sure that’s not just what they think we want to hear.

2)  All men are bald.

I do not have a problem with baldness at all. Find it sexy on many men. I just didn’t realize that every man in America was bald.

3)  You can be talking with someone and getting along and they just disappear. Like gone. Account deleted.

This can only lead me to believe wife or girlfriend caught them online. I’m not jaded or anything, right?

4)  I appreciate humor online, and even find the ridiculously honest/vulgar guys funny.


A.  user names:  LoveBigBoobsDD, BushMaster (Really?), and BlueOrbitals…

The best is the guys only looking for “intimate encounters” whose marital status is “Married”…

 Really? I thought that’s why they made bars. Seems like a lot of work to create an online profile just for that.

True Story:  Heard from a guy whose profile said:

interests:  Sex

First date idea:  Anything where we end up with your legs in the air.

Hahahahaha. You guys should try this just for fun.

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