True Story

{July 17, 2011}   Search terms

True Story:  People are nuts.

I like to read the search terms people use sometimes to see how they end up at my blog. Today I read this one:

young married women sex with her little nephew accidentally real story

What is wrong with people?

Most of the time I find these funny, but this one was a little disturbing to me.

Let’s think about all that is wrong with this situation.

“young married women”. This group of words suggests many women have this problem of accidentally sleeping with their little nephews. Maybe these women are getting married too young and not old enough to avoid accidental sex.

“Little nephew”.  How little, comes to my mind. Excuse me while I go vomit.

“accidentally real story”.  First of all, is it possible to have sex accidentally? Was it dark, and she thought her little nephew was someone else? Or were they playing naked hide and seek and accidentally ran into each other? I’m just trying to work through this.

“Real Story”, as opposed to making something cool like that up.

True Story: I will spare you the other search terms I have found on my blog that are even more disturbing. If you can imagine that.

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